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Jackie Dix

Author of Erotic stories. I like all things naughty, kinky, and erotic. I've been known to jump on web cam for some solo fun from time to time. I have had many sexual partners and have an open line of communication with many friends when we spill the tea about our current and former lovers. (Those stories make for great erotica) 

New Releases

Matt was the hottest 18-year-old college Freshman in the neighborhood who happened to be dating my stepdaughter Jen. Matt is also the go-to lawn care and pool cleaner in the neighborhood. My husband asked him to come over before leaving on yet another business trip. I'm a bit of A MILF and have a taste for the younger guys around town. It wasn't a secret to anyone but Jen. I wanted Matt to do more than clean the pool. 

Mrs. Lawson

Released: August 14, 2023

My First Rub & Tug

Released: August 13, 2023

I walked into this place wanting a message and knew it was a good idea. My wife knew I was there but didn't know what I was paying for. I was hoping for the happiest of endings from the beautiful young woman named Dawn Marie.

SpecialSauce-Website-Cover (1).jpg


I enjoy playing with him. especially in public places. torturing him with the butt plug was always fun. I could make him cum in his pants if I really wanted to. On this day I simply wanted some special sauce for my fries...

Released: August 10, 2023
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